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February 27
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RD App : Hozumi Yukiya by RheinaGealtash RD App : Hozumi Yukiya by RheinaGealtash
Application for :iconrabbito-dauto:

just note/skype/add me if you wanna rp! I don't bite XD

skype: chana.alexanderite
LINE: alexanderite


Name: Hozumi Yukiya
Alias: Shirayuki
Age: 13 years old
Birthday: November 21
Gender: Female
Weapon choice: Cutter, compass,  stationery in her pencil case
Phone: SoftBank 004SH
Opinion on What is Happening:
She does not know what is happening yet. She is confused and she wants to go home as soon as possible.

||Parents : she is in a good relationship with them though they are busy
> Hozumi Noboru - Father
> Hozumi Takako - Mother
|| Older brother - Hozumi Jonouichi: She is not really close with him anymore since he is studying abroad.

Yukiya is a cheerful child. She is friendly enough to make many friends in her school. Since her parents are busy, she tends to be an obidient and always tries to be mature so that she can take care of herself when her parents are not around; although, just like regular kids around her age, she can be paranoid toward suspicious and scary stuff, she does not like to be alone. Yukiya loves dancing and music, when she feels lonely or stressed, she usually dances while listening to music. She also likes to help people in need because she wants to be friends with everyone, however only in positive way. She would not help someone if later she would get a trouble.

+ dancing
+ music
+ sweets
+ stuffed animals
+ cute stuff
+ her friends
+ cats
+ dogs
+ small fluffy animals

- scary stuff
- ghost
- negative surprising stuff
- cockroach
- being alone
- bitter food

Yukiya was born at snowy night in Hokkaido. She and her family moved to Tokyo when she was two years old. In her childhood, she often played with her older brother, Jonouichi. Her parents are workaholics and often busy with their works. They don't really spend time together with their child. Yukiya did not feel lonely until Jonouichi went overseas to study for his high school and bachelor degree when Yukiya was ten years old. They barely in contact since Jonouichi was very busy. To overcome her loneliness, Yukiya made friends in her school as many as she can and she asked her mother to sign her for a course; a dance course. Falling in love with it, Yukiya did not feel that lonely anymore, moreover she made more friends in that course. Yukiya understands how busy her parents are, so she does her best in school and avoid unnecessary problems as possible as she can. She wanted to be a good girl who can be proud of by her parents.
            Now, Yukiya is a first year student in Clarence private middle school. She makes friends so fast because she was friendly and nice. Yukiya also joins a dance club in her school. Her everyday life is quite peaceful even though at home Yukiya sometimes can feel lonely. However, she is sure that someday her parents will take a day off and they go picnic together somewhere. She always prays before she sleeps about that, also hoping that her brother will come home soon.

>>Rabbit Doubt<<
One day, Yukiya was walking home from her dance course when her phone chiming. Smiling happily, she flipped open her phone, thinking it was from her friend. Her smiling face became confused face as she read the message. It was an advert for a game. It read RABBIT DOUBT. Besides the buttons 'YES' and 'NO' she didn't see any rules or how to play buttons. On the front of the game, Yukiya saw a rabbit which looked to be hung by a rope. The girl stopped her step and her eyebrows created a frown. 'Poor bunny...' she thought as flipped close her phone and continued to walk home.
            Curiosity got the better of her; at home, Yukiya opened her phone again, looking at the advert while eating her dinner. Thinking for a bit, she wanted to touch 'NO'. Her eyes gazed on the rabbit, that poor rabbit which did not show any pain at all. Yukiya was wondering what kind of game that would be. Leaning her back on the chair, she moved her finger and touched 'YES' after a little hesitation. Well, it's only a game and it should be fun, right?
.     .     .     .     .    .    .   .   .  .  . . .
She waited and blinked when the game disappeared and her phone returned to normal. 'That's it? Maybe it was just spam after all. . .?' She closed her phone and continued eating her dinner then went to sleep.
            Suddenly Yukiya was awoken by a cold sensation. She pushed herself up, still drowsy. But then she snapped wide awake. Realizing where she was; an unknown room that looked like a classroom. Yukiya looked around, apparently that classroom was not used anymore since it was quite messy; the desk and chairs were not organized and it was dusty. Once she realized that she were changed in to her school uniform. Yukiya tried to remember when she changed into that.
Looking around again in confusion and fear, Yukiya shivered a bit. It was dark. When she wanted to get up, her hand touched something. She looked down at the floor and see her bag laying there. In a moment of realization, Yukiya remembered her phone and quickly opened the bag to get it. She blinked when she realized a little rabbit charm hanging on the side of her phone. It was not there before. Yukiya shook her head and immediately opened her phone. Her eyes widened when she found a black screen with some white typeface...
"Enjoy The Game Little Rabbit!~"
.....then she realized the sillouthe behind looked like a wolf with red eyes.
            Yukiya stared at her phone screen. Desperately, she tried to call her parents and police with her phone, however it was blocked for some reason. She wanted to cry and hoped that it was only dream. However she realized it was not when she stumbled and hit a chair; it was hurt.
Real or not... Yukiya felt that she needed to get out of that place as soon as possible.

Other: Trivia
- Yukiya really tends to stay out of problem. One time there was a bullying in her class, though she did not take a part, she did not bother to stop it either.
- Though she often eats dinner alone, she can't cook and eat packaged food instead or orders delivery service.
- Her voice… (Nanako)
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